segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Lisa Rodden

"Crane I - Hand cut paper & acrylic"

"Peacock Feathers - Hand cut paper & gouache"

"Urban Spring - Paper & gouache"

"Hydrangeas - Hand cut paper, watercolour & acrylic"

Gosto deste estilo minimalista no trabalho de Lisa Rodden.
Deixo-vos com um pequeno excerto sobre o que sente a artista relativamente à arte de criar:

“We as humans are lost without our connection to land and to one another, and the state of things around us is a reflection of that. The truth is that everything is inextricably linked and everything we do impacts something. For me, to create is to connect with truth, and through this I want to bring people a sense of peace and a sense of place.”

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