quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012

Cozinhar no espaço ! ;)

Big Appetites

Macaron Production Team

Orange Mower

Blackberry C.S.I.

Cupcake golfer

Chocolate Quarry

Teacup Divers

Hot Pepper Hand Warmer

Canoe au lait

Cookie Climbers

Strawberry Seed Harvesters

Red Velvet Cupcake Boys

Asparagus Painters

Marshmallow Seal Trainer

Banana Riders
"Big Appetites is a series of fine art photographs by artist Christopher Boffoli. The series presents tiny, meticulously detailed figures posed in real food environments, referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.

The photographs have been published in more than 90 countries around the world."

A Matter of Taste

Adorei o último trabalho de Fulvio Bonavia !
Fantástica a forma como consegue conceber um mundo no qual coexistem a gastronomia e a alta costura.

domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

The Art of Packing

"Fragments" by Kumi Yamashita

"I sculpt shadow with light or sometimes light with shadow, but both function in essentially the same manner. I take objects and carve and place them in relation to a single light source. The complete artwork is therefore comprised of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow)."
Seen here !

quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Jessica Backhaus

Gostei imenso deste projecto ("I wanted to see the world") da artista Jessica Backhaus !
Reflexos na água ...